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Sri Lanka Library Project

Discover Sri Lanka and help the villagers of Andera Bedda to build a library. You will have the opportunity to watch wild elephants and to swim in secluded lakes nearby the village.
The trip includes an introduction of Sri Lanka, beach time, wild elephant watching and volunteering with the library project, as well as visits to famous sights in the religious centre Kandy and the capital Colombo.
In the village Andera Bedda, on the riverbanks of Sivambalagamuwa Lake, lives a small community of gypsies who fled the war, settled in a safe area and cleared small plots of the jungle given to them by the government.

World Volunteer offers the opportunity to volunteer in this community and to join the villagers, together with Mr Krishanta and Meth Wela Foundation, in a project to renovate and finish the library.


The villagers in the community are very poor and the gypsies’ only source of income is through their traditional arts such as, snake charming, monkey dancing and sale of handicraft. When they arrived in the beautiful area they were isolated and lived in very poor conditions. Thanks to one fantastic man, Mr. Krishanta, they are now integrated in the community of the surrounding villages.

Mr Krishanta has a vision of giving all the villagers the opportunity for learning. The villagers were given a small plot of land for this project by the government and they started the construction a few years ago. Unfortunately the community ran out of funds and they could not complete the project.

World Volunteer and Meth Wela Foundation will now assist the communities to finish the library and you have got the opportunity to help.


The first day in Colombo consists of training and preparations for the work in the village. Together with Meth Wela Foundation, you will learn the history of Sri Lanka, as well as hands on guidelines on how to greet the locals you will be working with.

Building (helping out with all kinds of activities):

Depending on what stage the project is at by the time of your arrival, you could be assisting in various different tasks such as, building furniture, painting, installing computers, moulding bricks, preparing the garden and similar activities.


In the village we stay in one of the villagers house. These home stays are well organized and the participating families enjoy these occasions and are compensated for food and housing. You will be staying together with World Volunteer staff and English speaking guides. The food consists of delicious traditional Sri Lankan food (different curries, fried vegetables, soups and rice) and we will learn a lot while assisting with cooking. Toilets are available, however they are very basic and “asian style”.

Other Activities

Nearby the Andera Bedda village lives a wild elephant horde, which gives us the opportunity to go trekking to see the elephants. In the afternoons there are also opportunities to go swimming in the lake nearby the village.


When we are leaving Andera Bedda we drive to Kandy, a religious centre in Sri Lanka where amongst other sacred artifacts, Buddha’s tooth can be seen. The sacred tooth relic is a symbol representing the living Buddha. We stay overnight in Kandy and depart for Negombo the following morning.


The trip ends with a recovery period at the beautiful beaches in Negombo, where you have the opportunity to relax or hike away on an adventure of your own. For those interested in shopping and sightseeing, Colombo is only one hour away in taxi from Negombo.


  • Day 1. Arrival in Sri Lanka, transport to Colombo. Check in at accommodation.
  • Day 2. Introduction course in Colombo, full day.
  • Day 3. Transport to the village, introduction to the community and a welcoming dinner.
  • Day 4. Building on the library, full day
  • Day 5 Building on the library full day
  • Day 6 Building on the library full day
  • Day 7 Building on the library full day
  • Day 8 Breakfast and transport to Kandy, overnight in Kandy
  • Day 9. Breakfast and transport to Negombo, Beach day in Negombo
  • Day 10. Beach day in Negombo
  • Day 11. Optional: sightseeing & shopping in Colombo
  • Day 12. Transport to airport.

Price: 1200 euro

Included: introduction course, transports, accommodation all nights, guides, food (day 3-8), wild elephant watching.

Not included: flights, insurance, visa,

Please email your CV and cover letter to or fill in the form below to apply for this position.


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